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A short autobiography of Russell O'Neill

I am a senior Computer Science major at George Mason University in Farifax, VA. In additioin, I currently work at the Office of E-Gov Solutions, within the Office of Citizen Services and Communications, within the General Services Administration of the United States federal government. At this position, I assist in creating solutions for e-government that cross the entire federal govenment spectrum. For example, I assist in creating the back end interface for the FirstGov.gov search engine. This search engine is not only used by FirstGov.gov, but also by any other government office or agency that wants to use it.

I became interested in computers when I was in elementary school and my father showed me a simple spreadsheet that showed me how old any of my siblings would be in any year I typed in. In retrospect, this was actually fairly simple to set up. But to me, at that age, it was magic. Since then, I have become interested in nearly every facit of computing technology. I enjoy bulding my own computer systems, as well as programming them, as well as playing games on them, as well as playing music on them, as well as...well you get the idea. Hence the topic for this project. What better to create a web site about then one of my passions?

Created by: Russell O'Neill (roneill@gmu.edu)