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What is
Download Database?


How to use Download Database


Downloading Download Database

System Requirements

You should have a computer with Windows 98 or higher to use Download Database. In addition, you should have 64 megs. of RAM or greater. You should also have Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater.

How to Download

You can download Download Database for free. Please note that by downloading and installing Download Database you understand that no warranty comes with this product. I will not be liable for any problems that are caused by this software. This is not to say the software doesn't work...I use it all the time. However, I do not have the resources to test the software I develop on the infitie number of possible hardware/software configurations available. Essentially, use this software at your own risk.

There are two different installation files for Download Database. You may choose either one to install the software. The first contains the Microsoft Active-X Data Objects (ADO) runtime included. The second does not have the runitme. If you are uncertain which installation file to use, use the one with the ADO runtime.

Download Download Database with ADO runtime environment (.zip file--9.4 meg.)

Downlaod Download Database with out the ADO runtime environment (.zip file--2.0 meg.)

Download the Download Database manual in Adobe Acrobat format (230K).

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at russell@smileytech.net.