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What is
Download Database?


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Download Database

A small screeh shot of Download Database.

Download Database allows you to keep track of the software you download. Some examples of what you can do with it are:

  • Organize the patches you download
  • Keep track of software serial numbers and CD keys
  • Organize shareware/freeware products you download

I created Download Database because I had well over 300 downloads to keep track of when I reformatted my PC. These included patches, instant messengers, freeware applications, etc... I always kept them in one directory, but remebering what each file installed was always a problem. Download Database tracks all of this information for me.

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I would love to hear your comments about Download Database! If you have an idea for an improvement, or just want to complain, e-mail me at russell@smileytech.net.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at russell@smileytech.net.