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Welcome to SmileyTech.net!

SmileyTech.net is the personal hompeage for Russell O'Neill. I won't bore you with the details of who I am and what I do. However, if you want to learn more, you can visit the "About Me" section.

Using this Web Site

This web site is (hopefully) pretty easy to navigate. The top bar allows access to 5 sections of this web site:

  • About Me: This section has information about me. This includes some photos, a basic autobiography, and some other probably uninteresting tidbits to anyone who doesn't know me.
  • School Projects: This section contains a few school projects I've worked on that I feel particularly satisfied with.
  • Software: This section contains some software that I've written that I thought other people may find useful, so I decided to give them away as freeware.
  • Hobbies: This section contains links on some of my favorite hobbies.
  • Resume: This section contains my resume.

You access specific topics by clicking the links that appear when you hover over any of the section names. You can tell where you are on the site by looking at the menu that never disappears. This represents the section you are currently in.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at russell@smileytech.net.